The following patches add netbeui support into the kernel.

This is round 3 of my attempt to make it really usable. Remaining issues are:

I am currently using these patches with kernel version 2.4.24, but other recent 2.4.xx kernels should be ok too (some trivial manual patching might be necessary then). Don't forget to enable Networking options -> ANSI/AEEE 802.2 Data link layer protocol checkbox and The NETBEUI protocol next to it in your kernel configuration before compiling.
Note: you can only compile LLC and NETBEUI as modules at this point, so put "M" into the checkboxes. It seems also there is some dependency missing, so if either netbeui.o or llc.o refuse to insmod complaining about unresolved symbols then try to configure say IPv6 as a module too. It helped me so far.
Apply strictly in this order:

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