Unofficial GATOS additions ;)

 This is an additional page about using ATI All-in-Wonder cards on linux, specifically about video recording. If you haven't yet read please do before going on here.

Note! The stuff below is awaiting substantial rework. It should be reasonably stable and usable (and actually I use it), but it is mostly for experimental purposes and will not be developed this way anymore.

Breif description.

km hack-9 - based upon km cvs snapshot of 1-Aug-2002. Some stability issues fixed in mach64 section (I hope), mmap support, more than 2 kernel buffers possible, precise timestamps and half-rate supported via additional (non-standard) ioctls.
mp1e patches - more options to properly handle interlaced video source available on command line, including MMXed 2x2 downscaler, better a/v sync and some minor fixes. See example included.
mp1e cvs snapshot - just a cvs snapshot, for convenience. Latest release 1.9.3 is outdated already, but 1.9.4+ will be ok, as soon as it is released. Please see for general info about mp1e program.

Files for download:

km-cvs-hackB.tgz (more fixes and cleanup)

WARNING: Use at your own risk. I'm not responsible if your computer explodes and such.

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